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South Yallo Balley 10,225 ft.

-Soldiers Ridge is beautifully forested with Yellow Pine, Sugar Pine, Libocedrus and Juniper. -- just like a Sierra ridge to travel it along.
- Eriogonum nudum on Soldier's Ridge.
- Spiraea -- all over summit
- Soldiers Ridge the lower end of the ridge held the Yellow Pine, the upper end the Jeffrey Pine, the only pine above the nooning place which was a little over half-way down or about half-way down. Pseduotsuga did not go high on the ridge. Lib- [Libocedrus]

July 25, 1897.

ocedrus was mainly on the higher end of the ridge.
- Pseudotsuga near Carte's Camp on Eel = 13.7 ft
- Pyrola -- Soldier Ridge
- Carters Camp on Eel: - Campanula prenanthoides,
Saxifraga peltata, Amelanchier alnifolia, Thimble Berry
= Rubus parviflorus., Oregon Ash, Garrya Fremonti,
Rosa gymnocarpa, Pyrola spotted ovate leaf.
- Arctostaphylos Stanfordiana Parry.
Carters Camp on
N. Fork Middle Eel to Red Rock
- Pine Drops (Pterospora andromeda).
- Zauschneria with sticky wet foliage.
- [Sugar Pine on Tehama side of Yallo Ballys acc to
Carter Rohroby -- 25-30 miles of it.]
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