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Trip to Yallo Bally Mts.
(see p. 107)
--Henley's Ranch, Round Vallkery to Bill Williams Fork, Red Rock, Carter Rohroby's Camp on "North Fork Middle Eel", Soldier Ridge to Pinnacle of S. Yallo Bally and return.
[Carter Rohrobys Camp and Soldiers Ridge are in Trinity Co.] See P. 107.
--Bolelia, near Red Rock: Lower lip not spreading at right angles, ascending, somewhat concave, light blue (no purple or yellow)
Upper pair of lobes reflexed! Anthers of stamens curved!
--Tritelia laxa, Red Rock
--Carter's Camp--Galium Kelloggii
Cercis occidentalis
Silene californica
July 23 - 26, 1897.

Trip to South Yolo Bally from the Eel River.
- Pinus ponderosa, 22 ft circ at 6 1/2 ft.
- Libocedrus decurrens, on wind-swept ridges carrying
Phoradendron Bolleanum.
- Dwarf Quercus Kelloggii on ridges.
- Ceanothus cuneatus
- Pinus Jeffreyi at considerable altitudes. [Yes, 1902]
- Spraguea umbellata Torr.
- Pseudotsuga taxifolia 20.6 ft at 5 1/2 ft.
- Libocedrus 13.7 ft -- 50-60 ft. h.
- One Sugar Pine to about 30 or 40 Pinus ponderosa.
- Firs 50-65 ft. h.
- Pines 75-150 ft. h.
- Brodiaea minor, Tritelia lactea, Barbarea vulgaris,
Wild Cherry, Megarrhiza sp.
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