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Calendar Yallo Bolly trip 1897.
(For locations as to county see p. 107 ante.)

July 23 -- Left Henley ranch, Round Valley for Bill Williams Fork, Red Rock, Casale [?] Peak along Asa Bean Ridge to crossing of North Fork Middle Eel River at Carter Rohraby's Camp. (Marked Middle Eel on Forest Service map. Rohraby's Camp marked Asa Bean Flat.)

July 24. Left Rohraby's Camp (Asa Bean Flat). and went along Soldier Ridge to pinnacle of South Yallo Bolly. Over night.

July 25. South Yallo Bolly (se. Trinity Co.), return by Soldier Ridge to North Fork Middle Eel River.

July. 26. Middle Eel camp to Asa Bean trail and return to Covelo.
Place Names, Yollo Bolly Trip.

- Soldier Ridge, written in my notes and on labels,
Soldiers Ridge. Former form = U.S. For. Service map.
- South Yollo Bolly of my trip, now = Solomon Peak
Since I have used name in former sense in printed parts thus far (Fl. Cal. (Pts. 1 - 7) I continue. Equivalents to appear in Geographic Index.
- "Carter Rohroby's Camp" is at or near the present Asa Bean Flat of the Forest Service map (1929).

- The note below re P.B. Westerman is made Apr. 3, 1936. The note on p. 105 ante is from contemporary notes made in 1897.
Westerman, P.B. A school-teacher whom we met at Henley Ranch, Round Valley. He married Miss Henley. On collection labels (his Round Valley specimens) his name is spelled as above; on p. 105 ante, from a note made at Henley ranch, with 2 n's; in Jepson Corr. vol. 2 see a letter from him, with one n, but the "r" left out apparently.
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