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Round Valley
1350 ft.

Asclepias eriocarpa Bth.
Solanoa purpurascens Greene. -- Soldiers Ridge.
Gomphocarpus cordifolius Gray. -- Williams Forks.

- Continued from bottom p. 107.
5. Asa Bean Ridge. This name is not on the Forest Service map,_ but the "Asa Bean Trail" is on the map. It goes along the top of the Asa Bean Ridge, ne Mendocino, and drops down to the Middle Fork Eel River, then up towards Soldier Ridge via Foster Glades. Foster is referred to p. 119 seq. Cont. p. 109.
_ See p. 109
Westport and Ft Bragg.

- Cnicus edulis -- Westport.
- C. Breweri Ft. Bragg.
- C. venustus, Potter Valley
- Ceanothus incanus T. & G. Cahto to Westport, edge of
redwoods, July 30, '97
- Rhamnus Purshiana, DC. near Cahto Perhaps not

- Cont. from p. 108 and p. 107.
2. The "North Fork Middle Eel River" is now simply Middle Eel River on Forest Service maps (1933), the South Fork Middle Eel having been christened Black Butte River.
_ note for p. 108.
Latest map Mendocino National Forest gives Asa Bean Ridge. The trail runs along top past Red Rock and Castle Peak, and down to Carter Rohraby's camp on Middle Eel which camp or flat is now marked Asa Bean Flat on the above noted map.

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