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S. Yallo Bally Mt.
se. Trinity Co. c. 8800 ft __
7380 ft. acc. California Forest Map (U.S. For. Serv.)

- Crepis occidentalis Nutt., in 3 forms varying in size, at
or near summit South Yallo Bally
- Wyethia, S. Yallo Bally.
- Hieracium cynoglossoides Arvet var. nudicaule Gray.
S. Yallo Bally
- Crepis acuminata Nutt.
- Erigeron Bloomeri Gray.
- " miser Gray (Castle Peak).
- Solanum Xanti Gray. Castle Peak to Middle Eel, Ace-
Bean Camp.
- Ceanothus Californicus Kell. Carter Rohroby's Camp,
Middle Eel._
- Nuphar polysepalum Greene Soldiers Ridge.

__ A rough approximation. Mt. Linn is 8604 ft.

_ This is on Middle Eel River. Foster Glades (see Forest Service Map) are about 1 mi. ne.
July 25, 1897.

- Ranunculus alismellus Greene.

Locations as to County
Place names on Yollo Bolly Trip
See calendar, p. 110.

1. Soldier Ridge, = Trinity Co.
2. Crossing of Middle Eel. (Rohraby's Camp)._ Near Foster Glades. = Trinity Co. _for spelling see p. 128.
3. South Yallo Bally is on county line between Tehama and Trinity Cos., acc. to all the old maps and acc. to State Mineralogical May, 1916. But on U.S. Forest Service map of California Forest South Yollo Bolly becomes "Mt. Solomon", and Mt. Linn ("U.S.C. & G. Survey") becomes South Yallo Bally.
4. Red Rock, Castle Peak, Williams Creek, are all in ne. Mendocino Co.
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