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Round Valley.

"Fall of snow -- 6 in. deep at most in last 11 yrs -- rarely lies more than 1 day -- 2 days at outside

Cultivated: -- Prunes, a few Peaches Apricots, a few Plums Heavy frosts in spring -- even catch: Apples and Pears

Orange Trees near Poonkinney -- Southern exposure down next to Eel River, Eel River Bridge. "Orange Belt" (Killing frosts now -- Mar. 14, '98) Acorns freeze and blacken and fall out, spoiling the acorn or mast crop.
October = acorn month "-- P.B.W.
Round Valley, July 22 '97

"Not more than three months without frost."
Freezes so hard in December that the green grass wilts -- will not grow right along -- favorable warm weather will start the grass early.
Potatoes abundant -- fed to hogs some years -- lack of keeping quality. Corn fed to hogs.
Raise tomatoes, peas, onions, beans on the reservation, carrots, turnips. Tobacco raised on the reservation -- sold to sheep men for "dip".
Not a month in year without some rainfall.
Article in Ukiah Press on Resources of Mendocino Co., special ed., article by Thos. Henley." -- P.B. Westermann.
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