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- Symphoricarpos racemosus, shrubs now in full leaf. Miss Griffith, Bot. 4, says berries regarded as poisonous in Sonoma.
- Vicia gigantea, new growth 4 ft. high.
- Common names, certain ones used as if in a familiar or endearing way and applied to widely different species in widely different localities. Johnny Jump-up may be so applied, just as we say "Bub" to boys whose name is not Bub. Of course not quite so loosely, still very loosely.
Feb. 10, 1908

- Mrs. Brandegee says: "E.L. Greene lost his place at Vallejo and Yreka as Episcopal minister because of Sodomy. At the Academy the boys came in to pester him (blackmail) and I got tired, raised the window, blew the police whistle, and soon a policeman was in. The boys stopped their visits. We were good friends in those days. He knew a lot more about botany than I did and I was glad to sit at his feet and learn. But when arguments came about his species and I argued him out of many of them -- trouble developed."
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