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San Francisco

- All night with the Lillis family for a visit. Mr. Lillis had a great deal to say about the floor of the San Joaquin. He doesn't believe it alluvial filled. Well boring 2200 feet deep discloses alternate layers of clay and sand -- and no bedrock. What a trough it must have been. The hog wallows he claims were volcanic, the alkaline areas salt vestiges of the inland sea. The flora of each of these areas is interesting he says but I did not get much that was definite. His big ranch is the Rancho Cantua, east of Idria. He says that
Feb. 1, 1908.

a long narrow portion of the earth fell right out, for a great distance.
Berkeley, Feb. 8.
- Alnus rubra, not in fl. as yet. Still holding green leaves of last season on one side tree. Mr. Saunders, Bot. 4., says A. rhombifolia at Ukiah was in anthesis, with lank catkins in early Jan. He says he didn't examine them to determine that pollen was being shed. Says wood used to smoke meats and especially fish on Mendocino coast both by Indians and Whites. Rubra, -- long-branched, Rhombifolia, short-branched. Is this a good distinction?
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