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searching for a needle in a haystack -- a few Sequoias in a great forest. He was accompanied by Mr. Henry Rose, East Auburn, a young fellow who knows the region well.
He wrote a natural history paper for the Auburn local paper last week. He says Mrs. Ames died at San Jose two years ago. The local people at Auburn or vicinity interested in plants are:
Miss A.A. King, Loomis
Mrs. Hughes, Auburn
Mr. Charles Philips, Auburn.
Nutmeg tree is within 1 1/2 miles of Cole's Station, or about 6 miles west of Grizzly P.O.
January 24, 1908.

- Early Tree Planting on Grounds:
Dr. Willey says: The selection of the University site was guided largely by the presence of the fine native trees. There was as good land and as sightly a prospect elsewhere along the hills but no such trees. As we went over the site viewing it and came down to the point where Blackberry and Strawberry Creek come together the party was much impressed by the oaks and their exceedingly venerable appearance. There was no such oaks elsewhere in the neighborhood of Berkeley.
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