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- Quercus Garryana. "Oak balls, the group of trees literally covered with them, the surrounding trees comparatively free. Low trees, 3000 ft. alt., Ashland, Oregon," -- Miss Charlotte Hoak, Aug. 13, 1903.
I have just sent part of them to Sudworth with request for name. = Holocaspis multimaculatus Ashmead. See litt. Howard, Cal. tree, file '08
- Juglans Californica. Mr. M.L. Russel, Bot. 4., says it is on s. side Santa Monica Range but most common on n. side. The postoffice for the Russel Ranch is Newberry Park. It is common near there and on the n. side of the Simi
Jan. 21, 1908

Valley, and all through the hills to Los Angeles. The seedlings brought down from the mountains and planted at the ranch are sensitive to frost the leaves being blackened -- after two years they become hardier. Mr. W.B. Parker, Bot. 4., says they are near Whittier.
- Ink-stains on books. Wash spot with soft water & camel's hair brush to remove as much ink as is possible; 1 oz oxalic acid to 1 pt. water for removing remainder of ink; wash stain with clear water and dry with blotting paper.
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