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- C.N. Forbes, Bot. 13., hsa just returned from the south, National City, etc. He says: "Jepsonia Parryi is very common between National City and (Dulzura) 12 miles back. It comes up on bare ground, moist slopes, the leaves lying flat on the ground and looking like little Maple leaves. The lot of bulbs I brought were gathered in about 15 mins. (about 25 of them). Could gather a bushel in a day. The children gather them to eat and call them cocoanuts They become in time deep-seated, 6-8 inches, because the new bulb forms immediately under the old one."
January 16, 1908.

- Miss Frida Niedermuller, Bot. 4. gathered some notes in Santa Barbara on Lyonothamnus floribundus. Dr. Franceschi has a tree in his Botanic Garden which he brought, root and stump, from the Island of Santa Cruz 13 yrs. ago. He planted it, a shoot shot up from the stump and forms his present tree. It has fruited for the first time this last season. It is propogated from seed. Cannot be propogated any other way. He has tried cuttings in vain.
- Roezl, coll. in Calif. See Bot. Gaz. 44, 414 (Parish on Washingtonia).
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