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- Prof. E.W. Hilgard says: "All soils in California are calcareous. That is because there is so little rain. There is nothing to take the lime out of the soil -- save only in the high Sierras. I am amused at these eastern ecological papers -- long lists of hydrophytes, mesophytes, etc, but no word of the soil! Fernald in his Gaspe paper makes a strong point of lime, swamps, rock crevices [?], what not, there are certain plants to be found if only it be limestone. He goes further even than I."
(I showed him some
January 16, 1908.

remarkable leaf variations of Quercus Wislizenii which I had just collected) "Ah, yes. And that Gold-powdered Oak, what do you call it? yes Chrysolepis, I have seen that in the Sierras, the new shoots so different -- one could scarcely believe his eyes! Engelmann_ used to say: How are we to tell these oaks of California. The leaves are so different on one tree. There is no being sure of the species."
"Some people were standing near the agricultural building looking at the native trees. I helped them
_Geo. Engelmann.
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