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playing to the gallery, he hsa learned to feed on that sort of thing and he can make the groundlings shout all right. Many are "on to him", to use slang, more are not. At the Faculty Club the other day he was the centre of an admiring group, the kind that cluster round him when he feeds. Some one at the next table drily remarked: "Sham giant but real pygmies!" -- unkind but very clever.
- Haenke, Tadeo. Bernard Moses, who has been a year in South America, has collected a great quantity of books to add to his library on South America. Has become interested in Haenke
Dec. 31, 1907.

and has brought together a lot of material concerning him. Haenke's Manuscript "Descripcion del Peru" was in some way acquired by the British Museum; some one copied it, took it to Peru and it was published by government through the influence of Ricardo Palma, a prominent governmental official with intellectual attainments. It bears the imprint "Lima, 1901". A biographical sketch of a very few pages precedes the text proper which is mainly concerned with social affairs. There is a portrait!
He (Moses) also acquired
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