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Fort Bragg ("Pine Barrens")

bark is brown, smoothish, but superficially checked into ribbons 3/4 inch broad markedly interlocking. These were truly remarkable trees. The trunks were clear for 30 or 40 feet and I could get no branches but I have no reason for believing them different from the associated poles or shrubs. They bore cones freely.
- Ledum glandulosum, 2 to 4 ft. h.
- Rhododendron Californicum, Hook., abundant.
- Vaccinium ovatum, abundant. Children were gathering the ripe berries. They said they sold them at 25 cents a gallon. They call them "huckleberries".
- Castanopsis chrysophylla. Shrubs
Sherwood, Aug 12, 1907

- A man on the stage, he hails from Westport where he is a "merchant" (= storekeeper), says: "White Fir smells like anything when cut up into boards. It is now sawn for inside work. Formerly they never touched it. Did not even see it! They considered it utterly no good because it rots so quickly outside. A board left out all winter will fall to pieces when you pick it up. Still if kept inside, that is to say dry, it is all right and it is all right too if kept under water. Used for dams.
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