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Sherwood Valley

- A peeler says: Wild Nutmeg wood very tough. When swamping I've cut a sapling half in two, split it up and wrapped the torn part around a tree. It's that tough. The fresh wood smells like cologne, very agreeable. Pepperwood is also a good tough wood.

- White-barked Tan Oak trees are thin barked says a peeler. They most frequently are.
- Peeling lasts longer on north hillside where it is cool. The men are, therefore put on the ridges and south slopes first.
July 31, 1907.

Tan Oak Measurements.
- Tree No. 20. Height = 66 feet. Diam butt. = 1.6 at 3 ft. Peeled 42 feet. Bark on butt = 1 1/2 in thick. " [bark] end rim = 3/4 in. " [thick] Trunk diam. end rim = 1 ft! Snaggy-top tree 96 81 109 145 122 122 99 / 774 = Weight bark.

Tan Oak.
- In throwing a tree the hollow makes a great deal of difference, as it is not so easy to direct the fall. This may be partly overcome by using hammer & wedge but even so a tree may go off the cut, or split up the trunk.
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