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Willits to Fort Bragg

- The stage ride from Sherwood Home to Alpine is through a continuous forest of Redwood, with Douglas Fir, Madrone & Tan Oak. I had a seat outside on a 4-horse heavily loaded Concord Coach. The last two miles is so steep that shoes with chains locked to the front of the wagon were put on the hind wheels. Even then, the stage slipped easily down the hill.
At Ft. Bragg I was welcomed by Mr. Johnson of the Union Lumber Company. The company is now cutting trees which previously were left to burn in the yarding process: Tan Oak, Madrone, Nutmeg. The Madrone
August 9, 1907.

shows splendid patterns. The Nutmeg is rare, but is a fine wood and is remarkable for its deliciously fragrant odor. I can understand why some people say it smells like cologne, and the woodsmen call it "Stinking Yew" though it doesn't stink. The Tan Oak boards look first rate. but the 4 inch sticks are checked and warped. They were cut from old logs. The only way is to soak them either before or after sawing. Dry with weights on. The company are putting a lot of stuff in open sheds that previously they neglected.
I met Mr. Brush of Cloverdale, an elderly business man
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