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Red Mt. ca. 3000 ft. alt.

No. 3034. Ceanothus integerrimus H.& A. [var. californicus (Kell.) Benson] Lost Valley.
Purdy says it is white, pink, pale blue.

No. 3035. Camassia Leichtlinii Wats. Perianth twists above ovary in a straight line. In Camassia esculenta turns backward.

No. 3036. Habenaria leucostachys Wats. [dilatata var.] Lost Valley, in swamp.
June 18, 1908.

Major and Minor forms: --
Purdy says there are major and minor forms of Lilum pardalinum, as also of other lilies. Mainly differences in size but sometimes correlated with other differences -- especially bulb differences. He says all_ species of the Liliaceae can be distinguised by the bulb alone -- that the men in his garden soon learn to distinguish the bulbs at a glance.
_His statement may not have been so general but it was comprehensive.
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