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Red Mt. circa 3000 ft. alt.

- Lilium pardalinum -- Four Mile Glades, 8000 salable bulbs from an area of 25 x 35 feet. This lily has a terminal bud to its rootstock or 3 terminal buds. This branching results in extensive multiplying of the plants as the rootstocks die off behind eventually. Lilium (parvum?) hsa never more than one terminal bud.
June 18, 1908.

No. 3030. Zygadenus micrathus Eastw. Lost Valley, swale. Purdy says Miss Eastwood has, or is going, to publish this as new. The Pomos used Zygadenus as a death poison.
No. 3031. Godetia [Clarkia] Lost Valley, swale.

No. 3032. Polygala californica Nutt. Lost Valley, swale.

No. 3033. Cupressus Sargentii n. sp. Dwarf.
Dwarfs were especially noticeable in the recently burned areas.
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