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Red Mt. se. Mendocino Co. circa 3000 ft. alt.

- Calycanthus occidentalis -- abundant in little swamp, west side spring.

No. 3029. Streptanthus On gravel slide, west side Red Mt. Petals bilabiately arranged, two upper white, two lower white with purple blotch in center.

- Cupressus Sargentii Jepson All over west side of mountain, mainly small trees but an occasional
June 18, 1908.

larger tree where not burned. Area of unburned large trees on south side. One tree, average of larger size measured 8 inches diameter at one foot and about 15 feet high. Bark dark brown, roughly broken into narrow ribbons 1/2 inch wide which run mainly to right spirally up tree but also interweave somewhat making a cross hatch.
Hundreds of acres of it, on burn, young trees standing close and very even, about 4 ft. high; first cones often within 1 ft of ground.
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