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Red Mt. se. Mendocino Co. circa 3000 ft. alt.

of Greene's note, as if to say, you favor Greene! then it is all over between us! And she lived up to it! F. coccinea has a bulb of few thick scales. It is higher than thick. F. recurva has a bulb large round and flattish with a peak in center and rice-grain bulblets thick around margin. Very different.
- Mimulus glutiosus, the var. of the southern Sierras has been seen by Purdy on Tule River, the form with handsome pale yellow flowers which I collected on Kaweah. Purdy says it is as handsome as the yellow Azalea! He is to cultivate it.
June 18, 1908

Wet & Dry Land Forms
- Brodiaea lactea has a dry land and a swamp land form in California. The swamp land form has offsets, the dry land not. One, the wet land, goes north to British Columbia, the other does not. (One form named by Greene)
- Brodiaea laxa, blue form in dry land, white form in swamps. Greene mistook this for B. peduncularis which has pedicels longer than the scape & yellow (not blue) ovary.
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