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Miyakma Range
The Terraces
about 2600 ft. alt. Purdy Ridge (headwaters South Mill Creek).
Carl Purdy says: Sonchus asper and Malacothrix [obtusa] dearly loved by my cow. Leave alfalfa for it. [But his Malacothrix is Lactuca Scariola!]
- Cerasus demissa, seldom fruits! Abundance of bloom!
- Fritillarias all of ours rice-root bulbs except F. pluriflora.
- Brodiaea capitata, its offset on a little stalk.
June 15, 1908

No. 3009. Gilia capitata ssp. capitata On burn
No. 3010. Silene California. " "
Dry gravelly soil, in swale, flowers very handsome and showy. Plant more compact and leaves thicker and smaller than woodland plant.
No. 3011. Stachys bullata Benth [rigida ssp. quercetorum]. [On dry gravelly hillside in burn. Very common. Leaves bullate-rugose strongly!
No. 3012 Peucedanum dasycarpum T.& G. var. medium Jepson. Stems (peduncles) covered with small black flies. Dry gravelly hillside burn
No. 3013. Streptanthus glandulosus Hook. with preceding.
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