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Berkeley Hills
Telegraph Canon to

- Dodecatheon = Birdie-bills, Nevada state, Miss Hibbard.
- Lupinus = Blue-bells, Nevada, Miss Laura McDermott ("The only blue flower we have". = The only one that could be called Blue-bells!).

No. 3001. Salix lasiolepis Notice peduncled fruiting catkins. var. Bigelovii? Telegraph Canon

No. 3002. Lupinus albifrons Bth. Telegraph Canon. Det. also C.P. Smith.
No. 3003. Ceanothus sorediatus H.& A. west Branch San Pablo Creek color-patches on n-e. slopes.
West Branch, San Pablo Creek. Apr. 4, 1908.

No. 3004. Zygadenus fremontii Wats. Brush n.e. slope, West Branch San Pablo Creek.

No. 3005. Acer macrophyllym Pursh. Axis of old raceme still persistent on leafy stem (terminal), one also persistent laterally, but the opp. bud flowering this year! having been dormant last year. West Branch San Pablo.

- Quercus agrifolia, bottom of canon, n. fork of west branch of San Pablo Creek is a strip of Live Oak which today shows more colors
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