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Monterey Sand Hills.

The Monterey Sand Hills occupy the country from Del Monte nearly to the Pajaro Valley lying next the ocean. They are mesa-like hills. In only a few places is there shifting sand. It is covered with Bush Lupines 3 to 6 feet high and great quantities of dwarf Live Oaks covering extensive areas and making minature forests. This is the only place where I ever saw the wind dwarf a whole forest. These little oaks are round balls cut off at 4 to 6 feet. There are tens of thousands scarcely larger than the largest
March 6, 1908

Bush Lupines. They gave a monotonous heath-like effect to these wide uplands which are only a little undulating. My observation is wholly from the railway train.
The Redwoods picket the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mts., southward until they are opposite Watsonville in the Pajaro Valley. Then they cross the Pajaro River to the bluffs of the South bank about Chittenden -- the ony redwoods in San Benito county.
Along the Pajaro River between Aromas and Chittenden are great
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