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No. 2998. Cupressus macrocarpa. Pt. Lobos. All material under this number not from one tree.
No. 2999. Cupressus macrocarpa. Cypress Point.
No. 3000 on page 143

Monterey Pine -- Distribution
The rolling ridge back of Monterey forms a long crescent from Pt. Pinos towards El Toro. It is wooded rather densely with Monterey Pine, pure stand. There are "opens" towards the middle of the range where the Carmel Road crosses. From Pt. Pinos to Cypress Point and
March 6, 1908

eastward to the Carmel Road is a dense forest. Then some bare hills spotted with small clumps which become more numerous and larger as the eye ranges eastward. There are a few clumps on the steep hills south of the Carmel River, a few trees here and there, more of them near the Sur Road, becoming a dense forest on the Pt. Lobos ranch. Frank Hatton says, and is confirmed by Trotter, that there are two trees south of Malpaso Creek one in Rock Creek and one near Notley's Landing.
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