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Lime Kiln Creek
Tulare Co.
[May 23, 1907]

of the Middle Fork of Tule River, between Moses and Magee (8000 feet); at first mill between Millwood and Converse Basin, near Cookhouse, 6337 ft; above upper ford in Marble Fork, at 7500 feet.

Buckeye is on upper Lime Kiln Creek, southwest Comstock Mill (5500 feet); with Big Tree, south fork of Kaweah River, 2 miles above Cliff's Cave (4500 ft.); middle fork Tule River above Nelson's Ranch; always on westerly slopes in the Sierra Nevada mountains, never invading the interior mountain
[Lime Kiln Creek
Tulare Co.]
May 23, 1907

valleys of the Sierras even where the altitudes are favorable.
Quercus lobata in Pierce Valley, very large trees. For five oaks in Grouse Valley, see back on p. 27.

Cont. from p. 85. Sequoia gigantea.
No. 16. Diam = 24 ft. at 5 ft. In direction at right angles = 24 ft. 5 in. A very symmetrical and perfect tree. Rings = 1346. Sap = 4 in. and 26 rings. The radius at end of each 100 years was as follows:

Ft. In.
1 8
2 11
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