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Converse Basin
Fresno C. 6500 ft.
[May 21, 1907]

wide boards out of it on account of the dry rot which affects it and makes pockets in it. Sugar Pine knots have a black ring around them; Yellow Pine knots haven't. White Fir a tough wood but rots in a year when next to soil. Mountain Mahogany is a hard wood and takes a fine polish but it doesn't grow large enough. Live Oak is a tough wood. It costs a lot to mill big trees. They split badly when they fall. It is expensive preparing a bed for them to fall on, costing as high as _250.

No. 2779a. Phlox speciosa Pursh. ssp. occidentalis (Durand) Wherry. Millwood, Fresno Co.
[Converse Basin]
May 21, 1907

The brake sticks of the brakemen on the logging train are made from Quercus chrysolepis wood here. One man calls it Spanish Oak and another Live Oak.

No. 2776. Salix scouleriana Barr. Trees 15 ft. h. [feet high] in Grant Park, near Millwood, along stream in forest of big-tree, yellow pine, etc.
No. 2777. Abies concolor Lindl. & Gord. White Fir. With preced. Hopping says White Fir leaves have a twist at base and Red Fir not.
No. 2778. Arctostaphylos patula Greene. Bushes 4 or 5 ft. high and 6 or 8 ft. broad. With preced.
No. 2779. Silene. Flowers pink-red. Chaparral. Millwood.
No. 2780. Pedicularis semibarbata Gray. Millwood.
No. 2781. Eunanus. Mimulus tricolor Benth. Det: A.L.G. [A.L. Grant] Upper lip white, lower lip yellow, brown-dotted on palate. Tube yellow. Corolla markedly 2-lipped. Shaly
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