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Pepper Island
Bolinas. April 9, 1907.

the health of these low plants areas east be not due to subsidence east of rift it is remarkable that the unhealthy area should conform so closely to the fault line. A little Jaumea carnosa is mixed with the Salicornia but otherwise the Salicornia is pure. I do not find any Jaumea carnosa east of rift.
The above notes made on expedition with Dr. Gilbert of U.S. Geol. Surv. [Geological Survey] who took me with him as plant expert to study that side of the problem. See paper in Carnegie Publ.
Ocean Shore west of Lake Merced
Sunday, April 21, 1907

-went today with T. Merle Bayless to the sand hills directly on the ocean south of the south-side Life Saving Station. The little hollows in the sand dunes formed bowl-shaped miniature valleys with nothing to [be] seen save the blue sky above and closely flower carpeted slope below. Things were in great fettle. Bayless said: "Now isn't this nice. This is just as Nature made it. I call this Paradise Valley! It's Eden!

No. 2628. Platystemon californicus Ingleside.
1. Petals all cream color.
2. Petals cream color with a sulphur spot at base.
3. Petals all sulphur except small crescent of white-cream on each side towards base, or the
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