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Dunlap to Millwood
1915 ft. (Fresno Co.) 5100 ft.
[May 18, 1907]

to Millwood.
Nos. 2760 to 2763, above, should also read "Dunlap to Millwood." They were collected about half-way as the road runs, i.e. about 2500 ft.
No. 2765. Streptanthus diversifolius Wats. Petals at first pale lemon yellow, then becoming whitish and veined. Upper undivided leaves standing horizontally, strongly convex on upper side, so much so as to be hooded. This is markedly true of the subrhombis ones. With preceding.
No. 2766. Lupinus stiversii Kell. Flowers bright crimson save banner which is yellow and fading ochre-brown. With preced.
No. 2767. Sedum pumilum Bth = Parvisedum. O outcropping rock with preced.
No. 2768. Calochortus albus var. amoenus Purdy. Grassy spots with preced. Fls. [Flowers] crimson.
[Dunlap to Millwood]
May 18, 1907
No. 2769. Nemophila pulchella Eastw. Flowers blue, blooming profusely and carpeting the ground under shrubs, forming wide beds here and there. With preced.
No. 2770. Ceanothus leucodermis Greene. Bark white or on main stems becoming yellowish. Fls. [Flowers] white or very pale blue or lilac often, the shrub very striking when profusely loaded with flowers. With preced.
No. 2771. Quercus Breweri. 6 ft. h. [feet high] With preced.
No. 2772. Arabis sparsiflora. Fls. [Flowers] deep red. With preced.
No. 2773. Cerasus. Millwood. 6 to 11 ft. [feet] high. Prunus emarginata (Hook). Walp.
No. 2774. Hemizonella. Rays 4. Disk flowers 1 or 2. Millwood. Lobes of disk-corolla ciliate.
No. 2775. Chinaquapin. 3 ft. h. [feet high] in clumps, with slender stems. General Grant Park, in pines, firs, big trees, etc.
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