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Squaw Valley to Dunlap, Fresno Co. c. 1750 ft.
[May 17, 1907]

No. 2750. Eunanus. Mimulus subsecundus var. viscidus (Cong.) Grant: Det: A.L.G. Corolla obviously 2-lipped, crimson with red-purple ring in throat which is interrupted on lower side by white bands marking the folds, one at each of the two intervals. Herbage clammy. Low.
No. 2751. Mimulus bolanderi var. brachydontus Grant. Det: A.L.G. See p. 65. Solid crimson.
No. 2752. Linanthus montana (Greene). Mustang Clover. Pure white limb, yellow throat, limb fading to a lilac tinge as if a blue flame had licked it, the yellow then surmounted by a ring of deeper indigo with 5 darker dots. A handsome thing, colorizing hillsides north slope in great abundance.
No. 2753. Linanthus filipes Bth. Lilac limb, yellow throat.
No. 2754. Centaurium venusta Rob. Deep pink corolla, says Hopping. Red pink say I. Centreville.
[Squaw Valley to Dunlap, Fresno Co. c. 1750 ft.]
May 17, 1907

Below Squaw Valley the road crosses a fine mountain torrent, and passes along the edge of a conspicuous bald butte, and so on over rolling country wooded with fine specimens of Quercus Douglasii to the wayside station Dunlap, post office, store, mountain hotel, and "booze place." We buy some eggs for our supper and camp a mile beyond at dusk. An Indian boy with gaily ornamented bow and arrow passes our camp. A good many Indians in this region.

2750a. Mimulus Kelloggii Curran. Det: A.L.G.
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