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Mendota, White's Bridge, Fresno Co.
[Centreville, May 15, 16, 1907]

stretched out almost as interminably as the grassy plain. The vegetation here was a semi shrubby Atriplex (not in fl. [flower]) and Hemizonia pungens.
Nicotiana glauca. In the sandy wash of San Carlos Creek in the lowest foothills, where it is soon ready to open out onto the plains grows this species in quantity, forming quite a forest in the river flat, 15 feet high and with woody trunks sometimes six inches in diameter. It extends right out onto the plains, following the river bed. Also noticed along the stream beds on the plains before reaching Coalinga. It follows streams or gulches.
[Mendota, White's Bridge]
Centreville, May 15, 16, 1907
500 ft. Fresno Co.

Mendota we reached at nightfall. It looked good to see it rise up over the plain, but I never had any such feelings for it viewing it from a train window at the railway station. It is a hopelessly squalid little place. Idria up in the mountains is a mining town but very neat in appearance. It has been going since 1852! 250 men are employed. At many places around in the mountains within 2 or 3 miles they are developing other quicksilver mines.
Passed White's Bridge, an old time stage station (see above), then Fresno-a long journey to it. Through rich irrigated farming lands we go on to Centreville near Sanger, and stop over night. A crossroads hamlet.
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