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San Carlos Range. San Benito River Canyon.
New Idria Road from Priest Val. [Valley]
[May 12, 1907]

cohering in one piece and turned to one side in anthesis. Stigmas white, expanding after anthers. Petals a most beautiful luminous pink. 50 in. fl. on rotting shale.

Tree Cover of the Country.
From Priest Valley over the trail to Hollister Road the canyon sides and swales wooded with Pinus Sabiniana, Quercus Douglasii and dumosa (_2692), Rhamnus Californica, Ceanothus cuneatus and divaricatus. Valley Oak followed up the canyon bottoms. Noted a few Quercus Wislizenii, Heteromeles arbutifolia, Fremontia Californica. Ridges and summits dense with Adenostoma fasciculatum, dense and even.

San Benito River
Coming up the canyon of the river

[San Carlos Range. San Benito River Canyon.
New Idria Road from Priest Val. [Valley]]
May 12, 1907

towards New Idria, Quercus chrysolepis is common, trees up to 55 ft. h. [feet high]. Ceanothus divaricatus disappears wholly. At the nooning place, at above 3900 ft. a few trees of Incense Cedar, mostly small, one 45 ft. high. Also a few hundred yards higher, two Pinus ponderosa 50 feet high. The Digger Pines run to the top of all the ridges I can see from here. In the canyon they are disposed to be slender and tall, often not forked, if forked with strict branches. I note such 95 feet high. Here then s a slender state of the tree with no crowding. I should say 25% in this canyon do not spread at all. I noted also on the Hollister Road where we crossed it valley oak poles unbranched.

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