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Priest Valley = 2250 ft.
North Fork of Lewis Creek [May 11, 1907]
Monterey Co.
(cf. p. 5 at bottom)

exclamation-like dots spreading from throat out onto each lobe in a short point. "Burns." N. Fork Lewis.
No. 2680a. Mimulus fremontii (Benth) Gray. Det: _A.L.G.
No. 2681. Viola quercetorum B & Cl. Headwaters n. fork Lewis Creek.
No. 2682. Quercus Wislizenii A. Db.
15 ft. h. scraggy, 2600 ft. N. fork Lewis Creek.
No. 2683. Layia gaillardioides (H&A) DC. Priest Valley. Rays all yellow or rarely with whitish tips; adobe hillside.
No. 2684. Phacelia. Black margin to calyx. Sandy valley flat, Priest Valley.
No. 2685. Lupinus bicolor Lindl. ssp. microphyllus. Priest Valley.
No. 2686. Mimulus guttatus DC. Det. A.L.G. Langsdorfii.
No. 2687. Platystemon californicus. Priest Valley. Petals mostly crimson outside on some plants, very striking. Petals on other plants white, with a small yellow spot towards base.

Waltham Creek = c. 1650 ft.
[North Fork of Lewis Creek Monterey Co.]
May 11, 1907

No. 2688. Linanthus androsaceus. Gilia. Waltham Creek.
No. 2689. Composite. Waltham Creek. Fresno Co.
No. 2690. Clarkia. Waltham Creek. Fresno Co. Petals very acute. See p. 200.
No. 2691. Tropidocarpum gracile Hook. Waltham Creek.
No. 2692. Quercus dumosa. 8 in. diam. [inches diameter] trunk, 15 ft. h. [feet high]. Fls. [Flowers] and sterile shoot.
No. 2693. Orthocarpus. Meadowlet on n. [north] fork Lewis Creek. Corolla whitish as a whole, the sac yellow with purple dots (few but rather large). Galea slightly longer than teeth. Sacs shallow. Bracts and calyx lobes faint lilac-tipped. = O. attenuatus Gray. c. 2800 ft.
-Quercus lobata in Priest Valley. Trees scattered or in very small clumps, not abundant. More common on the hill ridges from Waltham Creek than on valley floor. The
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