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Waltham Creek
San Carlos Range, SW. Fresno Co.
c. 1000 ft.
[May 10, 1907]

No. 2657. Eschscholtzia Californica Cham. Numerous stems from a stout tap-root (in its first year probably) but doubtless to be perennial. Note the long-peduncled flowers (now in fruit) from the base (such an early stage suggesting one of Greene's species) and the long flowering stems which succeed them, the peduncles shorter and shorter until at the top they are very short. Note also the dif. [difference] in size of fls. [flowers] the spms. [specimens] all from one plant.
No. 2658. Chaenactis.
No. 2659. Calochortus splendens Doug. Bulbs mostly not deep-seated. Petals pure lilac, no spots, hairy except at tip. Gland like a kink of white froth, at base.
No. 2660. Eschscholtzia. Annual.
E. lemmoni Greene.
No. 2661. Quercus dumosa Nutt. 2 ft. through at base and 30 ft. h. [feet high].
[Waltham Creek, San Carlos Range, SW. Fresno Co.
c. 1000 ft.]
May 10, 1907

No. 2662. Allium crispum Greene. Inner petals lanceolate with crinkly white edges. Fls. [Flowers] deep rose-purple. Colonies on wet now dry north slope. Cracked soil.
No. 2663. Clarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnera. Either purple or pale pink corolla. G. quadrivulnera Spach.

Following up Waltham Creek four miles we came to the first Quercus Douglasii, a few trees at the bottom of a hillside swale. The Juniper increases and spots the hills thickly. At 7 miles we struck a Quercus Englemanni, with denser head more drooping sides than Quercus Douglasii. Populus Fremonti shows scarcely any reproduction along Waltham Creek. Trees past maturity, mostly decaying, with limbs breaking off. In a bend of the river for a space of 50 yards young trees and seedlings form a cluster, and above
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