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Mendocino Co. Addresses
-Carey, Foreman, Bark Camp, Sherwood.
Petross, Bark Peeler, Bark Camp, Sherwood.

-Cont. p. 163. no. 2874. Pentstemon deustus Dougl. I had collected this before but on account of its corolla color it looked new in the field.

-Prof. Bernard Moses remarked that his book on Politics had sold well but not in California. Said he: Oh well, a prophet in his own country! Then Miss Fitch: Like old days in California, it was always the man from the East, the man who had come in on the last steamer! By next "Steamer Day" he was nowhere! A new man from the East had taken his place!-Sept. 1907.
-Cont. from p. 176. Near Gasquet my riding mule bolted. I could do nothing but keep my seat and pull on the bridle reins and keep him straight until he ran himself out. It is my notion he got a hornet in his ear. Mules and hornets do not agree. Finally I got him back to the road and into my pack train. But what a helpless feeling! One can only keep every muscle alert, ready for any emergency-and perhaps control the direction of the mule's stampede a little.

-Cont. from middle p. 188. This chinaman is a truly famous character. Jimmie Davis tells me that his two boys went through the University and are now doing well in San Francisco. But we differ about his name: I recorded it at the time as Baugh. Jimmie tells me that he was known as China Yawn.-June 23, 1940, at Yreka.
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