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Tellima grandiflora Dougl. No. 2945. See p. 187.
Tolmiea menziesii T. & G. no. 2940.
Oenothera alyssoides H. & A. var. decorticans Jepson. No. 2729 cont. from p. 55.

Whiskey Camp, cont. from p. 148.
At this point in the canyon we found a beautiful camp spot with a rough sign on a tree "Whiskey Camp." My companion Alden Sampson of New York City was all for tearing down the sign instantly, not because he is a teetotaler (which he is not) but because it outrage his esthetic sense! However, he was prevailed upon to desist when he learned Whiskey Camp is a very old landmark on the trail and a guide post in the mountains.
Indian Creek (trib. [tributary] Klamath River), headwaters, over Siskiyou Divide, from Waldo, July 19, 1907.
Siskiyou Co. [County]

No. 2940. Saxifragaciae. Bilabiate, 3 upper sepals of same length, spreading upwards and backwards, 2 lower of same length, turned downward. Stamens 3 (but no time to make sure on trail). Petals filiform. Headwaters Indian Creek. see p. 186b.
No. 2941. Collinsia. Upper petals white or nearly so, lower lip pale blue. Headwaters E. Fork of the Illinois River, Siskiyou Co.
No. 2942. Erigeron aliceae Howell. Composite. Heads showy, pale lilac (nearly white) rays; 2/5 the plant taken. Headwaters E. Fork Illinois River.
No. 2943. Vicia. With preceding. (V. calif. Greene).
No. 2944. Nemophila. With preceding.
No. 2945. Saxifragaceous. With no. 2940. See p. 186b.
No. 2946. Libocedrus decurrens seedlings. In their third year. Note that the plant is bilateral from its first to its third year. Indian Creek.
No. 2947. Salix scouleriana Barr. 5 in. diam. [inches diameter] trunk and 14 ft. [feet] high. Usually 6 to 10 feet and common in the high mountains wherever I have been this trip. Indian Creek.
No. 2948. Berberis pumila Greene. Indian Creek.
-Quercus chrysolepis, noticed a typical vaccinifolia shrub 12 feet high, very bushy, with broom-like tops to the branches. -Indian Creek.
-Quercus Garryana-young trees 12 feet high stump sprout freely when firekilled-Indian Creek.
No. 2949. Brewer Spruce. Picea breweriana. Top branchlets. Taken from tree which log specimen came. Headw. [Headwaters] Indian Creek.
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