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Shelley Creek (Del Norte Co., California)
to Waldo (Josephine Co., Ore.).
[July 17, 1907]

in flower are spreading, past anthers strictly erect, as the fruit matures the pedicels bend outward and the capsule is on a diverging pedicel. Azalea occidentalis is a low shrub in the chaparral and is further evidence that the forest prevailed here not so long ago. Rhododendron Californicum is not uncommon in the chaparral of these slopes. At Patrick Creek there is a small clump of Tan Oak (1 ft. diam., 40 to 55 feet high) through which the road runs and I note another small lot across the creek. These driblets are in virgin (unburned) forest. Lawson's Cypress is common along Shelly Creek. Fine trees. The young trees display beautifully the wonderful fern-like character of the foliage.
-Darlingtonia californica Torr. Sprays of. Between Big Flat and Bald Mountain. Also between Adam's Station and Shelly Creek at several places. Plentiful on headwaters of Shelly Creek and W. Fork Illinois Creek.
-Taxus brevifolia, More in bottom of Shelly Creek than I ever before saw in any other two places. Abundant for miles. One could say that there is a narrow grove of it. Most of it about 15 to 25 ft. h. [feet high] and the largest trunks 1 foot in diameter.
[Shelley Creek (Del Norte Co., California)
to Waldo (Josephine Co., Ore.)]
July 17, 1907

No. 2917. Douglas Fir seedlings. Cots= 5,5,6,6,6,6,6,7,7,8,8. Shelly Creek.
No. 2918. Lilium pardalinum Kell. 6 ft. h. [feet high]. Leaves very narrow, the lower alternate, then a few in pairs, in 3's and so on up to 7, but not forming a complete whorl, the partial whorl not horizontal but at an angle or spiral, well up a true whorl of 8, one only, then alternate leaves only all the above taken from the one plant coll. Rootstock horizontal, only half in specimen, crowded especially above with scales which are jointed. Petals recurving, upper half deep red, lower half yellowish, spotted anthers large, brown. Pedicels ascending from main axis, about 15 in. cluster. Shell Creek, in rich deep muddy cram of brush tangle by creekside.
No. 2919. Senecio triangularis Hook. By creek. Shelley Creek.
No. 2920. Senecio howellii Greene. In dry chaparral, just over California line.
No. 2921. Erigeron foliosus Nutt. Rays blue, fading purple at first. With preced. [preceding] seen in col. also.
No. 2922. Arenaria howellii new to me. with preced.
No. 2923. Phacelia. Caudex branching and with the foliage forming a low mat. Fls. [Flowers] white with preced. P. brigida Greene.
Veratrum fimbriatum = V. insolitum n.sp., common in chaparral, basin Illinois River, west fork, near California line. Growing in driest soil. Compare other species. Panicles large, yucca-like. See 2900, 2915.
No. 2924. Composite. Wet springy hillsides. Headwaters of W. Fork Illinois River.
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