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Red Hill-Del Norte Co. to Crescent City-Del Norte Co.
See p. 202d.
[July 13, 1907]

fallen monarch would have its great root mass covered with ferns, a beautiful sight. A fallen log carries a miniature forest of seedling Douglas Fir, Vaccinium ovatum, and herbaceous plants (cf. p. 146 and ante). A hemlock tree 40 feet high or more is growing on a Redwood stump 40 feet high and has succeeded in getting its roots to the ground which make a great sight on the Redwood stump. In the lower part of the forest Sitka Spruce comes in. Huge trees with enormously buttressed roots; the bark checks off in large scales. Coast Hemlock is as tall as the Redwood; bark smoothish, only superficially fissured. Monotropa uniflora ? cf. p. 199. Vine Maple is but a shrub but is tall as is everything for light competition. Above Jones Creek we rode for miles through and often
[Red Hill-Del Norte Co. to Crescent City-Del Norte Co.]
July 13, 1907

under Ceanothus velutinus. (So here Ribes no. 2893 is 15 ft. h. I question this as I took no spms. [specimens]).

No. 2902. Chlorogalum = Schoenolirion album Dur. Red Hill. Petals soon reflexed and the membranaceous margin involute curling along the green midrib. Style obscurely notched. Red Hill.
No. 2903. Rhamnus californica occidentalis (Howell) C. B. Wolf. Red Hill. 6 feet high spreading bush.
No. 2904. Silene californica. Dur. Fls. [Flowers] bright red. Gravelly opens on Red Hill.
At several camps on the trail we made a tea for dinner by steeping Yerba Buena foliage. It was rather pleasant, and quite warming.
Jimmie says Incense Cedar posts are farmed in his country on the Salmon. When you ask a man how long they will last they say a lifetime. I have know[n] Redwood posts in the Sacramento Valley to last 50 years. Of course the life depends on the moisture of the locality. Sequoia gigantea logs down in the forest last far longer than Sequoia sempervirens logs.
Crescent City is a typical coast sawmill town. Its streets and building have for the most part the characteristic rawness altho it is an old place. Hobbs, Wall & Co. are the main people here. They own the big sawmill and have a general store in the town. The population is largely "square-heads" as to the foreign part of it. There is an Indian colony. Once again I am impressed with the waste pile fire that burns at
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