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Marble Mt. Siskiyou Co.
6000 to 7000 ft. circa 7000 ft.
[July 5, 1907]
No. 2820. Tsuga Mertensiana, alpine. Bark dark, fissured into narrow plates more or less interlocking or checked transversely. Shackelford to Marble Mt.
No. 2821. Ribes viscosissimum Pursh. var. hallii. Sepals rotate, stamens and style not exserted. 3 ft. h. [feet high]. Fls. [Flowers] dull white. Head of Shackelford Creek.
No. 2822. Ribes sanguineum Pursh. Flowers brilliant red. Very very handsome. Strikingly different from the Berkeley plant. Head of Shackelford Creek.
No. 2823. Hemizonella. Marble Mt. Rocky places.
No. 2824. Calochortus coeruleus Wats. Petals all over hairy, white, purplish below inside. 7000 feet altitude?
No. 2825. Lithophragma campanulatum. See p. 164. Petals white, 5-lobed, laciniate at base of blade, (folded at very base.). See p. 146a.
No. 2826. Erythronium pallidium. Deep but bright lemon yellow. Flowers 1, rarely 2, in a place. Alpine rocky beds; showy. Marble Mt.
No. 2827. Polemonium pulcherrimum Hook. Corolla delicate, lavender, very fine color. Tube yellowish. Marble Mt. P. carneum. Gray.
No. 2828. Collinsia. Lower lip indigo blue. Marble Mt. C. torreyi Gray var. latifolia Newsom.
No. 2829. Cichoriaceous. Yellow fls. [flowers]. Marble Mt.
No. 2830. Allium. Fls. [Flowers] purple-lavender. Rocky places. A. falcifolium H & A var. demissum Jeps. Marble Mt.
No. 2831. Fritillaria. Dull greenish yellow with purple blotchings. Pale red tone at base perianth. = F. atropurpurea Nutt.
No. 2832. Gilia capitata Sims. ssp. capitata. Marble Mt. Fls. [Flowers] pale blue.

[Marble Mt.]
July 5, 1907

No. 2833. Marble Mt., "crater" edge. See p. 146a.
No. 2834. Arabis holboellii var. retrofacta. Marble Mt.,
No. 2835. Crucifer. Marble Mt. Lesquerella occidentalis Wats.
No. 2836. Claytonia lanceolata. Petals white, yellow spotlet at base of blade (limb), 5 or exceptionally 6, with 5 & 6 stamens respectively. One flower had 8 petals, 2 of them 2/3 united; stamens 6. Where snow has recently lain.
-Mt. Ash (Sorbus sitckensis) low thickets showing effect of snow.
-Abies magnifica. Whisky Camp., a tree 17 ft. at ground (circ), 9 ft. 9 in. at 7 ft. (circ), 170 ft. h. all on side hills more or less swollen at base.
No. 2837. Acer glabrum Torr. Stamens 8, 8, 7, 10. Clusters all male, or mixed, or nearly all female (in one case 7 female and 1 male), 150 stems from base, forming a cluster 8 ft. high, the stems longer because declined at base from snow pressing downhill.
No. 2838. Sedum stenopetalum Pursh. Rocky margin, Marble Mt. crater.
No. 2839. Senecio integerrimus Nutt. with preceding.
No. 2840. Delphinium with preceding. = D. menziesii Db.
No. 2841. Viola bakeri Greene. Fls yellow. See p. 146a.
No. 2842. Thlaspi glaucum var. hesperium, white. See p. 146a.
No. 2843. Polygonum Davisiae with preced.
No. 2844. Dentaria tenella var. primata. Fls. white, fading pink. See p. 146a with preced. d. integrifolia
No. 2845. Quercus Breweri. Marble Mt. See next page.

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