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Big Creek Woods
Santa Cruz Co.
June 20, 1907

-Gregory, woods foreman says: Virgin stand Tan Oak in Santa Cruz Mts. will yield from 200 to 510 cords per 160 acres. The latter figure is seldom reached. "I have cut 510 cords off my own claim. I peeled 450 off another. In these stands it runs about 4 trees to the cord though sometimes it takes 6 and even eight trees to the cord. I have peeled trees that yielded 2 1/4 cords. Such are very large trees. Trees that will yield 1/2 cord are not at all unusual.
-Populus trichocarpa, common along Pajaro River, west side Santa Cruz Mts.
-No Quercus lobata seen in any of the valleys.
No Pinus ponderosa seen.
Sherwood, June 24, 1903.
(Mendocino Co.)

-Tan Oak, diam. 3 feet on stump = 167 years (60 years estimated.)
-Taxus brevifolia, at bark camp, 6 feet circumference at ground, the trunk not swollen below, 45 feet high.
-There is a good deal of Yew right along streams hereabouts.
-Tan Oak yield. Mr. Carey says the company's 320 acres will yield 2000 cords bark. Sherwoods who sold it said 3000 cords. He says 6 or 7 cords to acre on an average in this county. As high as 15 cords in spots. Croscut, the peeler, says 2 1/2 cords to acre = good claim.
-Bald Mt., from this point can be seen more timber in one view than any other spot on earth. 600,000 acres Redwood embracing Mendocino County, the northern part of Sonoma County (Navarro Ridge), and southern Humboldt. A region of redwoods 320 feet high max., 23 feet diam. max., and Tan Oaks 10 feet diameter.
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