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finally died. It stirs one that a tree should be treated so and left so long to fight it out to an end. - Prof. C. B. Bradley, who had the story from _. _. Bradley visited the tree two years after its death. The bark was burned in London in the Crystal Palace fire. Bradley says the English did not credit the size of the trunk, believing it to be a Yankee trick!! - Aug. 8, 1914.
- "The collector's instinct is strong in great naturalists." - Huxley of Darwin, Mem.[Memorial] Notices, 13.
Wilkes Exped. [expedition], Chas. [Charles] Wilkes, Com. [Commander]
Ship, Vincennes
Charles Pickering, Naturalist.
J. D. Brackenridge, Asst. bot. [assistant botanist]
Ship, Peacock.
James D. Dana, mineralogist
F. R. Peale, naturalist
Ship, Relief, (Did not reach Cal.) Wm. [William] Rich, botanist.

- Menzies, Archibald.
Ribes sanguineum Lindl. Bot. Reg.[Botanical Register] 1349. After describing this species and praising it highly as a garden ornament, Lindley gives Douglas' description in full (copied from Hort. Trans. [Horticultural Transactions] 7:509). Some acc't [account] of Menzies connection with the plant is to be noted.
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