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London to Liverpool
Took midnight train from Euston station. Arrived in Liverpool about 6:30 a.m. Liverpool is much like Glasgow. Embarked on the Candian [sic] Pacific Liner Lake Manitoba at 5:00 p.m. Just before going aboard I was much struck by the appearance and manner of a herd of Russian peasants as the [sic] passed with their belongings from the dock on to the landing stage to go abord [sic] the White Star liner for Philadelphia. Their dull faces lighted with hope as they hurried back and forth for their baggage - they were escaping from the serfdom
July 3, 1906
of centuries, their hearth vaguely fired with the promise of the great free land beyond the seas. Yet there were faces among them - heads of exceedingly low intellectual type that I would gladly have seen fended from our shores.
The Lake Manitoba steamed out into the Irish Sea and the next morning we were on the north shore of Ireland. After a while_ we saw the Giants Causeway, a line of very low-lying rocks appearing above the water. The next day we were quite at sea. I enjoy the voyage very much. The head
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