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Kew Gardens
struck it. Now the nurserymen are taking up with the idea of the Japanese species, L. [Larix] which is perfectly hardy but far too limby. I like immensely better the shape of Larix occidentalis which does not become pyramidal even when it has plenty of room but remains narrow. It is, so far as known, likewise immune. Moreover all the British exotic timber trees that do best come from the Pacific Coast.
The Alpine Larch _ is of great interest biologically on account of the manner in
_ good spms. [specimens] in Kew Garden.
May 15, 1906.
which it thrives when taken out of its station as the French say, out of its native zone.
Picea Breweri is represented here by one small tree. It has radial leaves, i.e. they stand out all around the branch equally, on account of the branches drooping. It is a relic. An isolated species. Its nearest relative is Picea Omorika of Serbia. It is very distinct.

Pinus contorta is represented here by rough-barked, soft and narrow leaved individuals. P. Murrayana is represented by broad sabre leaved smooth-barked trees, the bark very thin scaly.
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