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Berlin to Rotterdam
= I saw the German country in all the beauty of Fruhling - the grainfields were in great beauty, and although pastoral the cultivation was so close that all seemed very orderly. Perhaps it was most beautiful in the Hanover region. The apple-trees were in bloom and ornamented the door yards of the picturesque village _-houses, - the majority having the panelled or square-blocked outsides. At Rotterdam I stopped all night and the next morning went to Amsterdam over the flat Dutch country, the fields divided by canals as ditches, and the sole occupation of the country
May 11, 1906
people seeming to be dairying. Of course everywhere where the hugh windmills.
At Amsterdam, which seemed a mean and dirty city, I was shown De Vries' garden by his garden assistant, Jacob Vriend, a bright boy of 18 about. Another young man, who wore wooden shoes took me through the glass houses. The collection of palms is very fine. Went to the Ryks Museum. The Rembrandts are very fine. The most celebrated is the Night Watch. The colors are few but exceedingly rich. The grouping of the figures is so natural and simple that they do not look as if standing
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