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Berlin, Germany
- When a Westerner looks into the muzzle of a revolver unexpectedly he knows the other fellow has the "drop" on him and he accepts the situation philospohically and does not kick over the traces. It is not bravery in such a case to "kick", its the part of the fool. So in Germany, its no use knocking an army officer down; he's go the drop on you or rather the whole German nation has and you were better wise and allow yourself "held up"

Sensational New York newspapers wired to S.F . [San Francisco] at the height of earthquake disaster asking for details of a story of heroism: The answer was: No heroes here; we are all too busy!
April 29, 1906
- Millspaugh who is here says Greene tried to sell him his Herbarium at the time he left the Catholic University of America. M. says his (Greene's) herb. [herbarium] is not Green's herb, so to speak, but one which he has amassed recently - last 10 years. Green looked over parts of the Field Columbian Museum Herb. and found many of his early types which he did not himslelf have, he said. M. bought Patterson's Herb. Patterson was a newspaper man, printed the labels for the early collectors, Hall, Harbor, etc. and took sets of plants in exchange. It was his ambition to have an herbarium with every North Am. sp. [species] in - but at last gave it up; new sp. came too fast.
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