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- Menzies, Archibald. Noticed in P. 756 of Trans. Linn. Soc. [Transactions of Linnean Society] vol. 16.
- Nuttall at Monterey, cf. Nuttall, Sylva N. Am.[North Amercia] vol. 1 p. 10.
- Nuttall at Columbia River, l.c. 14. at Santa Barbara, p. 16
It would seem to me that Nuttall must have proceeded from Santa Barbara to Monterey by water since he saw neither Pinus muricata, Coulter or Sabiniana, or Douglas Oak. cf. Silva, vol. 2.
- Mr. F.F. Thomas says: We had near Jerome in Arizona on the ridges a Juniper grows which they called Mountain Juniper. We cut the wood from it and burned it green. In burned finely.
January 17, 1907.
There was no need of seasoning. All desert woods burn splendidly, the grain is so hard and dense. I remember Mesquite Trees in Arizona (near Tuscon I think he said) 20 feet to first limb and 60 feet high. Mesquite gum is collected near Yuma. The collectors make good money gathering these lumps on the tree. It is used for same purpose as gum Arabic. The bushes of the latter in Arabia as seen from the Suez Canal look not unlike Mesquite Bushes. There is another
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