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- Invited to dinner at Country Club by Plehus. Party consisted of General and Mrs. Woodruff U.S.A., Mr. & Mrs. Fred Torrey, Miss Brainerd & myself. General Woodruff exceedingly genial & told capital stories. Went to the Berkeley Assembly afterwards.
- Today came in Dr. David Barrows Director of the Bureau of Education in the Philippines to see me. Years ago he brought up from Cahuilla Valley his Indian food plants for determination by me. He laughingly declared that the value of his paper was entirely due to me! He is tall and very fine looking with a very aggreable presence.
January 12, 1907
- Students on graduating who want teachers certificates must now spend 1 yr in grad. work. If they want a recommend. in bot. [botany] they must spend 1/2 yr. in grad work. We regard 1/2 yr. as absurd for research work but for the present must give them some little problem to go at, look up the literature and report on it. Setchell has a good deal of work this term and has sent these cases to Osterhont. In fact he has shoved them all Osterhonts way, laughingly saying that just now. Physiological problems can, as a matter of fact, be more easily assigned to such students - Jan. 17, 1907.
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