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wasn't a case of personal ill-will or feeling. The "Academy" was poorly fitted out. Beck used no judgement in the matter of provisions so they lived very poorly. Had excess flour which they traded for tortoises. Had 184 lbs baking powder!!! But were sadly to lack on meat, most of the meat being of such poor quality that it went bad. The cook was in a way boss of the ship doing as he pleased, and cursing violently Beck who was an arrant coward and didn't say a word to him. Cockroaches abounded in
Dec. 5, 1906.
the ship and with weevil filled the cooked food, as e.g. rice. Being a sail schooner they were becalmed between two islands for two months distance 70 miles, but currents carried them 400 miles or so during that time. Brought back great quantities of turtles which the scientific men had to carry, much against their will. Stuart thinks Lummis "buncoed" them on this in making them sign papers to do "emergency work".
In above list of expedition. A = Academy of Sciences; S = Stanford Univ., C. = California University.
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