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Notley's Landing
- San Jose Creek was peeled a few years ago. It yielded 6000 cords A fire was through this region, killing all but some big trees, 25 years ago. The yield was heavy. Trotter cited a case in Santa Cruz Mts. from Kron of yield of 11,000 cords when it yielded only 900 25 years ago. Of course some trees were missed in the first peeling but the fact has great significance.
Tops should be burned at once. As Trotter expresses it the tops make a good fire and kill the young growth after it gets a good start. The whole country should be burned over at once acc. [according]
Sept. 17, 1906
to Trotter. Undoubtedly the debris should be burned but it should be done carefully and not by starting a general country fire. (See 3 pp. ahead.)
Just before reaching Nobley's Landing we passed a creek. Then one just after on which we lunched. Then one to which a stone-buttressed grade led down. Then many. Then Malpaso Creek where the Monterey Pine begins. There are a few isolated individuals before reaching the creek. Then these pines extend in an unbroken belt to Monterey save for the Carmel River. They
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