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Big Sur to Little Sur
Monterey Coast
[Crossed out: No. 2900 Adenostegia. Trail along summit, tending to form colonies.]
No. 2600. Ceanothus papillosus T.&.G., in brush on chapparal ridge facing east.
Sept. 15, 1906. C. papillosus T.&G.!
No. 2601. Petasites palmata.
Colonies along stream edge at Idlewild ca_on of Little Sur. Looks like a border of Boykinia or Saxifraga peltata.
No. 2602. Artemisis Californica Less. see bottom p. 130. The mt. side above Little Sur, south slope is evenly covered with Artemisia Californica, mostly Salvia mellifera,, Baccharis Douglasii,, some Lupinus albifrons The black or dull brown shade is Salvia, dull brown or dark grey = Artemisia,
Sept. 17, 1906
- Little Sur -
silver = Silver Lupine.
No. 2603. Eriophyllum staechadifolium is likewise a feature in this short brsh just noted. It rises out of brush, 3 or 4 ft. h.
No. 2604. Eriogonum parvifolium. Common in the brush area above mentioned.
No. 2605. Lupinus albifrons. Tree-like, Baobab Tree, 4 ft. h. Abundant.
No. 2586. Composite is also a frequent member of the same community. Then we have patches of pure
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus in shoulders. The black is Sage, it is the most pure of anything, considering extent.
No. 2605A. Grass. High hill above Little Sur, in brush on s.w. exposed slope. Elymus condensatus Presl.
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