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Little Sur to Big Sur River

The Laurel is here in dense light-green clumps contrasting with the red-brown redwoods. In the bottom of the ca_ons they are 65 ft. h.

This road would make splendid scenic one for travelers. Now you are high on the mountainside, now overhanging the ocean with land-lockes blue-pools, nearly cut from the sea like pockets. Now dropping deep into ca_ons; never were the hills so bold and imposing and yet so rounded, never are ca_ons so direct in their methods. The brush of the hills is as close and smooth as a lawn. It is as if a
Sept 14, 1906

lawn mower had been run over it; it is so without a flaw. Up a high hill and then down into the Big Sur Valley. A fine view of a diversified country with the lighthouse on a bold island almost cut off from the shore. The narrow valley is sandy, dry, sycamore and black cottonwood & encina, redwood trees 150 yds apart at first. It is a typical South Coast Range dry valley save for the Redwood. We plow along through the sand and pass a bee ranch. The loquacious bee-keeper desires conversation but conversation is impeded because of his deafness. We cross the Sur and rise along
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